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THE DRY FLOAT EXPERIENCE combines the extraordinary physical and mental benefits of weightlessness with an extreme ease of use: the body is suspended above 400 liters of hot water by means of an innovative patented membrane.

How Does Float Therapy Work?

Experience weightlessness and ease your mind in our dry float therapy bed. This relaxing therapy uses a bed of highly-concentrated salt water to allow your body to float in a way that relieves the pressures of gravity. Just one session can significantly reduce chronic pain and helps heal muscle injuries in significantly less time.

Float therapy beds use an extremely high concentration of salt water to create an environment where the body floats and the user experiences the feeling of zero gravity. This feeling of weightlessness removes almost all exterior stimulation from the body, allowing the mind to shift its focus and heal the body both mentally and physically.

What Are The Benefits of Dry Float Therapy?

  • Reduces pain by up to 50% in just one session
  • Relaxes and frees the mind
  • Improves circulation and reduces blood pressure
  • Helps to regulate sleep patterns
  • Promotes faster healing times of muscle and joint injuries
  • Heightens the senses
  • Reduces depression and anxiety

Dry Float Therapy vs. Regular Float Therapy

Unlike regular float therapy where you actually lay in the water, dry float therapy beds have a layer of membrane-like material that lays on top of the water. This material is specially designed to allow the body to float just as it would if suspended in the water. Because you are not actually touching the water, there is no need to remove clothing or get your hair wet, making the session faster and more comfortable.

Who Can Benefit From Dry Float Therapy?

Dry floating is suitable for everyone without age limitations or side effects. The sessions require no prep time or down time afterwards, meaning there is no need to block off additional time before or after the session. Dry float therapy is great for those with busy schedules, people with physical disabilities, and those with hydrophobia or claustrophobia.

Suspended in the warm embrace of the water, the central nervous system is freed from any external stimulus and the brain can express all of its extraordinary potential while the body relaxes and regenerates.

Cryotherapy is a Modern Recipe for recovery

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